Sunday, June 24, 2012

Roger's 50th Birthday "Hobby" Cake

I was asked to make a cake for a return client's customer for his 50th Birthday.  They wanted a lot of his hobbies on his cake, including fishing, hunting, poker, boating, wake boarding, smoking cigars, enjoying wine and cheese, golfing and is the head of the chicken events at the HLSR.  He also drives a Harley Davidson that was the top centerpiece of the cake.  The wife loved the cake and this one was one of my favorite cakes once all put together.  Thanks to my parents - Dad the drive and Mom the assistant designer for their help with this delivery as a VW Beetle wasn't big enough for this cake to fit.

Matalyn's 3rd Birthday Cake

My niece Matalyn has been waiting forever (according to her) for her Birthday.  We had been looking for months for the perfect "princess" castle cake for her.  She loves them all and loves pink.  So I decided to do a combo of princesses on her cake.  She feel in love the minute I walked in the door.  She loved the walkway and the door on the front of the castle.  Can't wait to see what she wants next year.

Graduation Cookies for Nick

My Nephew Nick graduated this year and is on his way to Parkland College to play baseball.  He isn't a sweet eater but I made these for him and his buddies to enjoy.  I packed them up and carried them from Houston to Cincinnati without one broken cookie!  His brother Jacob loved them so much that he probably eat most of them.  Now I know how to transport cookes, my next goal is to pack and ship.

Paint Ball Cupcakes

A co-worker of mine asked me to make some Paint Ball Cupcakes for her son's 13th Birthday party.  They gave me big thanks when they saw them and then again the next time they were in the office.  They told me they were the best cupcakes ever!  Always makes my day.

Bunny Butt Easter Cake

I found this great picture of a "Bunny Butt" cake online.  I sent to my very good client and ended up making 4 cakes for clients at Easter this year.  I embelished with raisins to look like bunny poop!  My niece loved that part when I showed her the pictures!

Orange and Pink Wedding Cake

The mother of baby Joy asked me to make her mother in laws wedding cake for a small family wedding.  She based the colors on the Layla birthday cake.  They added fresh flowers to the top, but I added a gerber daisy for the picture and it turned out well.  She loved the cake.

Baby Joy's Baby Shower Cake

My friend asked me to make a baby shower cake for her very good friend.  Little did she know that friend had her baby 2 month's early.  Baby Joy and Mom are doing well and happy and healthy.  Shower still went on as planned.

Layla's 1st Birthday Cake

A good friend of mine asked me to make a 1st Birthday cake for her good friend's daughter.  She based the colors on the theme of the party and the birthday girl was very happy to dig into her cake.

Andrew's Graduation Cake

Here is the Graduation Cake I made for Andrew who graduated from Rice University.  This was the other cake made for the combo graduation party. 

Kelsey's Graduation Cake

I had a request for another 2012 Graduation Cake.  They were having a combo Graduation Party for their Daughter Kelsey and nephew Andrew.  I did both and they were very happy with the outcome.  Excited that it was all edible.

Cy Fair 2012 Graduation Cake

Cy-Fair High School Class of 2012 Graduation Cake - my good friend's asked me to make their kid's cake this year for a big party!  The kids loved it.

Super Mario Cupcakes

Super Mario Cupcakes requested by my co-worker for her son's Birthday!  The look on his face was priceless and I always love when I get to see their reactions!